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NJC Pay Award and New Pay Spine

The second of our two year pay deal will be implemented by Ealing Council in April 2019, with all staff receiving at least a 2% pay increase.

As part of the two year NJC pay deal, negotiations have been ongoing between recognised Trade Unions and the LA on the creation of a new Pay Spine in Ealing. The outcome of these negotiations mean that the LA have agreed, following Unison’s representations, to assimilate all staff on to the new pay spine from April 2019 and then pay an increment to all staff who are eligible to receive one.

This means that, thanks to Unison’s stance throughout the negotiations, staff on the lowest scale column points (scp) 8, 10 and 14 will receive an increment under the new pay spine that they would not have received had Ealing LA paid any increment owed first and then assimilated staff on to the new pay spine.

Under the new pay spine, all staff will receive at least a 2% pay increase as well as any increment owed.

The move to a new pay spine is a change to your terms and conditions. As such, Ealing Council will be writing to all staff affected by the change to outline:

  • Your current annual salary and position on the current pay spine
  • How you will transfer from the current to the new pay spine
  • Your new annual salary and position on the new pay spine

We are working with the Council to agree the content of the letter. Staff can expect to receive their letters over the next month.

All school based staff working in Schools under NJC conditions will receive a letter from the local authority. The letter will be addressed to them individually but sent to their school as opposed to their home.

Staff working for Ealing LA will also receive a letter which will be sent to their home address.

We will shortly be publishing the new pay spine here on the website.

If you have any queries about the contents of your letter and believe the details may be incorrect, then you can contact Ealing Payroll in the first instance.

Advice for our EU Members as Brexit approaches

If you are an EU National and a Unison member, you can contact us for advice about your status in the UK after Brexit.

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