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July 2021

A view from Unison National Secretary on the NJC 1.5% Pay Offer

People’s Assembly National Demonstration- 26th June 2021- March to Parliament Square

1.5% pay offer rejected by Unison

2021/22 Pay Campaign- Lobby your Local MP

1.5% NJC pay offer
On 14 May the NJC Employers responded to the trade unions’ pay claim, with a pay offer of 1.5%, along with completion of the outstanding work of the joint term-time only review group.

The Employers also responded to various elements of the unions’ conditions claim. They proposed exploratory discussions on a national minimum agreement on homeworking policies, a best practice national programme on mental health, and a joint review of maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption provisions.

The Employers made no offer on a homeworking allowance, working hours or annual leave. The three unions issued a press release, making clear that after a year in which local government staff showed more than ever how indispensable they are to our communities, going beyond the call of duty and risking their lives to provide services, this
offer came as a shock, and it would be surprising if it went down well with our members.

Read the joint trade union press release here

UNISON’s NJC Committee meets this week, on Friday 21 May, to decide on UNISON’s formal response as well as our next steps for the negotiations and the campaign.

Ealing Unison Secures Pay Increase for 300 staff who work under the Ealing Schools Catering Contract

Julian Bell letter to Unison LLW 05/05/2021


Fair pay for low paid workers-Read here

Workers across the public sector are losing billions as employers fail to pay a decent wage- Read article here

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Latest Advice and Guidance for School Members

NJC Pay Claim 2021/2022

NJC Pay Claim 2021/22 Summary

Three local government unions ​have today (Monday)​ submitted a pay claim ​for 2021/22, which they say begin​s to redress a decade of cuts and recognise​s the key role ​played in the pandemic ​by school and council staff.

 They want to see a ‘substantial’ pay increase from this April with a wage rise of at least 10% for all council ​and school support employees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

​Under the claim, the ​pay of the lowest paid workers ​would go above £10 per hour – ​lifting them above the ​real ​living ​wage of £9.50 per hour (outside London).

UNISON, GMB and Unite​ – which between them represent 1.4 million council and school employees – say only a significant pay award can begin to tackle ten years of savage local authority cuts and pay restraint. Staff working in local government have seen up to 25% wiped from the value of their pay, the unions say.

Council employees include refuse collectors, library staff, teaching assistants and care ​employees – key workers who help communities to function, ​say the three unions.

 ​The Covid crisis has been a reminder that local authorities are vital to the communities they serve​, ​especially during ​the past hugely challenging year. Staff deserve better pay and working conditions, the unions say.

UNISON head of local government Jon Richards said: “Local government workers have kept the country going during the Covid crisis.

“Many face daily risks to do their vital work and keep communities safe. But slipping wages and job insecurity have hit morale.

“Paying staff properly and investing in the workforce would recognise those at the sharp end who’ve given everything. It ​will benefit local econom​ies and give workers a boost as they keep delivering important services into the future.”





Ealing Solidarity with Tower Hamlets Unison members on Strike

Why Are Tower Hamlets Unison on Strike?

Branch Secretary John McLoughlin explains why calling this industrial action has been necessary:

Shockingly our Labour Council are using sacking and reengagement to impose detrimental contracts that the workforce has overwhelmingly rejected.

Our Branch suspended industrial action in March to focus on supporting our community through the Covid 19 crisis,

Having been applauded as essential workers we are now being sacked by the imposition of these contracts at a time when the Council think it will be difficult for workers to resist.

We have been left with no option other than to take action.

Any solidarity will be greatly appreciated.”

In solidarity

John McLoughlin

Branch Secretary Tower Hamlets UNISON

View Tower Hamlets Unison leaflet outlining the detrimental cuts they face to their terms and conditions:

Tower Hamlets Proposals and why they are on strike

Ealing Branch Secretary Mary Lancaster says the following:

“Tower Hamlets are one of the largest London Branches within UNISON  ,  they have a large network of reps and activist,  recently they held a meeting (before lockdown) in connection with this threat of whole scale dismissal and re-engagement – and over a 1000 UNISON members attended – but still this labour council and labour elected mayor – believe they can win this battle over the terms and conditions of all staff.   They held lawful ballots to confirm the position taken at the meetings – getting significant turn outs and an agreement from members for this action.  If the employers succeed in Tower hamlets – than other boroughs and the National employers  will also look to see if they can save money by making changes to not only our local terms and conditions but also what we have within  the national agreements.”

You can join the rally virtually:

We are with you Tower Hamlets! Solidarity Forever


Unison consultation on latest pay offer- Have your say!

Latest National Unison News- Calls for a National Care Service- Unison’s 5 demands

Shielding Extended to 1st August

Covid -19 Response Fund- Financial assistance for members

Govt U-Turn on free summer school meals- 17th June

Unison learning- free online CPD, Courses, resources

Covid-19 advice for health workers- 15th June

NJC Circ Coronavirus and return to work test trace and hospital admission 12Jun2020

Plan for all primary schools in England to return before summer are dropped by govt- 9th June

Schools News- 20th May

Coronavirus Workplace checklist PDF 18th May

Health Unions publish blueprints for safe opening of NHS-15th May

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Unison Gen Sec Response to PM’s Statement- 10th May

Unison Statement about PM’s Statement in Relation to Schools- 10th May

Unison Local Govt Update- Pay, Pensions, Social Work and More- 5th May

Unison Posters and Social Media Graphics

NJC Letter_Local_Gov_Testing- 1st May 2020

PPE Not Promises- Unison Advice and Petition- 29th April

NJC Pay Offer and Union Response- 28th April

TUESDAY 28th  April – Is Workers Memorial Day. Please take some time to watch this video made by Camden UNISON.  We would ask all workers to take some time at 11am tomorrow to join with UNISON and all Trade Unionists across the world to think of all those front line workers who have lost there lives not only during this crisis but while doing their job.

Unison Latest News

Govt Guidance on PPE- 12th April 2020

Job Retention Scheme Q+A

Unison Letter to Education Secretary- 31st March

Unison National Update

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Update on School partial opening- 20th March 2020

FAQs- 20th March 2020

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Corona Virus Guidance from/NJC/UNISON/Ealing LA/Government

NJC Update- 27th March 2020

NJC Update- 23rd March 2020

LGA Guidance on School Closures

Government Guidance for Schools, Colleges and Local Authorities on Maintaining Educational Provision

Government Free School Meals Guidance

Council Leader’s statement- 18th March 2020

Government Guidance on Social Distancing and for Vulnerable People

EGFL Gatekeeping- Staff Absences – 17th March 2020

NJC Circular on Working from Home- 17th March 2020

Government Stay at Home Guidance- 16th March 2020

NJC Guidance- 6th March 2020

Unison Guidance- 10th March 2020

Ealing EGFL Gatekeeping- 6th March 2020

Government Guidance for Education Settings

If you have any employment based queries regarding Corona Virus, self-isolation or sickness absence then please contact us at or 0208 825 7999.

If you have any medical concerns or queries regarding the virus, consult the government advice on self-isolation, social distancing and vulnerable people, contact 111, your GP or a medical health professional.

Ealing Unison AGM

Ealing Unison held three aggregate meetings of our AGM earlier this month. Members had the oppotunity to view last years budget and consider the draft budget for the year ahead t0 31st December 2020.

The Branch Chair, Branch Secretary and other Convenors updated members on casework, campaigning and recruitment/retention within the Branch and there was discussion and questions about the upcoming Mayoral elections, Corona Virus, Ealing Council and members in outsourced services such as careworkers.

Some branch officer positions were filled and those vacant positions will now be considered by the branch committee.

Unfortunately the meeting was not quorate and as such no minutes will be published.

Unison backs Kier Starmer for Labour Leadership and Angela Rayner for Deputy Leadership

Read the full articles here:

Unison backs Kier Starmer

Unison backs Angela Rayner


Winter Fuel Grant 2019-20

We are delighted to be launching this year’s Winter Fuel Grant Programme next week on Monday 2 December!

The Winter Fuel Grant Programme is run by UNISON’s charity, There for You. It is a limited fund to help UNISON members who are on a low income with their heating costs over the winter.


Download an application form here


Member Benefits

Find out about what benefits you can enjoy as a Unison member



UNISON submitted a pay claim for all council and school workers, employed on NJC pay in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 24 July 2019. UNISON, GMB and Unite’s joint claim is asking the Local Government Association for:

  • A real living wage of £10 per hour for the lowest paid (NJC scp 1)
  • A 10% increase for everyone else
  • A one day increase to the minimum paid annual leave entitlement
  • A two hour reduction in the standard working week
  • A comprehensive joint national review of the workplace causes of stress and mental health



There For You

Members experiencing financial and emotional difficulties can contact our welfare charity, There for You, which provides a confidential advice and support service for members and their dependants.

Check out their website for more details

Advice for our EU Members as Brexit approaches

If you are an EU National and a Unison member, you can contact us for advice about your status in the UK after Brexit.

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