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July 2024

NJC Consultative Pay Ballot Closed

Unison’s consultative pay ballot on the NJC pay offer closed on Friday 28th June.

Thank you to those of you who took part in the ballot and used your opportunity to have your say on your pay.

Unison’s national NJC pay committee meets on 2nd July to discuss the results and next steps, and we will be in touch as soon as an outcome is communicated to branches.

Find out more about the pay offer and the ballot here

2024 NJC Pay Claim Submitted

Despite providing some of the most vital services in our communities, council and school staff have seen 25% wiped from the value of their pay since 2010. Staff are continuing to struggle with the cost-of-living crisis and will find better-paid, less-stressful work elsewhere if their pay continues to lose its value.

As part of the 2024 pay claim, we are asking for all council employees to receive

A wage increase of £3,000 or 10%, whichever is the greater

This is the only way to maintain the staff levels necessary to deliver services to the public, looking after the most vulnerable, giving children the education they need and keeping neighbourhoods safe.

Find out the details of the claim here 

National Demonstration – Ceasefire NOW – Stop the Genocide in Gaza

National Demonstration – Ceasefire NOW – Stop the Genocide in Gaza – Palestine Solidarity Campaign (

meet up with Ealing Friends of Palestine and Ealing Trades Council around 11.00AM at Ealing Broadway Station

Ealing Council Proposes to close careline service

Ealing Unison is opposing these plans, read about it here

Notice of Ealing Unison AGM

Find out the details here

Agreement reached on 2023 NJC Pay Award

Read the details here…

Find the latest news from Unison’s National website here- 

Ealing Unison Black Members Group

Ealing Unison’s Black Workers Group launched on 31st October 2023.

To find out more about our self-organised group, and/or to become part of it, email


Update on 23 NJC Pay- 15th September

Following Unison’s unsuccessful Pay Ballot in July (Ealing Unison had a 42.17% turnout) Unison, Unite and GMB are meeting on 19th September to further discuss next steps. It’s likely that Unison will push the joint Unions to settle this year’s pay award and reluctantly accept the offer made by employers back in February. This is because we did not secure enough of a mandate to successfully take industrial action to force an improved offer on pay.

We will keep you updated with the outcome of this meeting and hope that we can get the offer settled and backdated to 1st April 2023 asap.

Emps to NJC TUs pay offer 23Feb23

Unison Statement on NJC Pay Ballot

The ballot of council and school members covered by the NJC in England and Wales, on the pay offer for 2023, closed on 4 July. Regions have been sent the full results, and branches should now have the ballot results for employers in which they have members. As this was a ballot of 345,000 members in more than 4,300 employers, the process of getting results out has been a complicated one, and branches are thanked for their patience.

UNISON’s NJC Committee met on 11 July to consider the full results of the ballot. Due to the Tory anti-trade union laws, we can only take industrial action in employers where we achieved a turnout of 50% or more (with a majority voting for action). We passed this turnout threshold in a number of employers, but most of these were smaller employers. Given the legal restrictions placed on action, the NJC Committee agreed to await the ballot results from our sister union Unite, whose ballot closes at the end of July, before confirming publicly our agreed next steps.

We appreciate this causes some delay for members in moving on from the ballot, but under the circumstances we know branches will understand and bear with us.

Unison NJC Pay Ballot Closed- Results

We have now received our NJC Ballot results. It’s not what we’d hoped for.

In Ealing:

The NJC Pay disaggregated ballot for the majority of our branch, which included the council and community schools (all LBE Employees) achieved a turnout of 42.17%.

Sadly, this means we did not meet the 50% threshold to have a successful ballot.

We only achieved an over 50% turnout and vote for possible strike action in 5 specific schools (Non-community and balloted as individual employers). We will write to these members separately.
As a result, the Branch Committee and reps are considering what to do about this and whether or not it would be right and appropriate to ask members in these schools to take strike action.

We also need to await the result of several National Meetings being held next week to have a clearer understanding of what will happen next – which may including having to accept the employers pay offer.

We will be in touch with further information as soon as we have some next week.

On behalf of the branch, I’d like to thank those of you who took part and voted in this ballot.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to talk.


NJC Ballot Page

Ealing Unison Branch Bulletin:

Ealing Unison Bulletin 16th June 2023

Following Unison’s rejection of the employers below inflation pay offer in March, our National NJC Pay Ballot opens on 23rd MayThe ballot will run until 4th July.

If your employer follows NJC pay (including LA maintained, VA and foundation schools and the vast majority of academies), a ballot will be sent to your home address in a red envelope.

The employers made it clear that their below inflation offer was their final offer, so if we want an improved pay offer we will need to be prepared to take strike action in order to do so.

All you have to do is open the envelope, vote yes and return your ballot using the pre-paid envelope provided. You can also help by discussing this ballot with your colleagues and encouraging them to make sure they’ve used their vote too. Thanks to this government’s anti-trade union legislation, we require a 50% turnout in order to achieve a successful ballot.

The best way that we can respond to cuts in our pay and attacks on workers rights is to vote in this ballot, so let’s make it happen!

During the ballot, we will be holding online and face to face meetings across our schools and workplaces, and will also be emailing, calling and texting to make sure build momentum and do all we can to engage with each other during this crucial time.

If you’re interested in becoming a pay ballot contact or workplace rep during this time to help get the vote out and spread the word, please get in touch with us at or call 0800 0 857 857.

If you don’t receive a ballot or are worried that you’ve not been included in the ballot, you can call a dedicated helpline to request a new ballot be sent to you. Details will be shared here on our website when the phoneline goes live.

You can keep up to date with the latest news about the ballot and download resources for your workplace, as well as digital materials for social media, on the Unison NJC Pay website 

Use the Unison pay calculator to work out how much your pay should increase based on the current inflation rate so you can see just how ineffective the current offer really is



Unison moves to strike ballot on 2023 NJC Pay Claim

National Joint Council (NJC) pay is due to be awarded on 1 April this year. Our claim, including a permanent increase of RPI + 2% on all scale points, was submitted on 30th January. This would equate to an increase of 12.4%.

The National Employers responded on 23rd Feb, making what they call a full and final offer of  an increase of £1,925 (£2,229 in Ealing with London Weighting and pro rata for part-time employees) to be paid as a consolidated, permanent addition on all NJC pay points 2 to 43 inclusive, with an increase of 3.88% on all pay points above the maximum of the pay spine but graded below deputy chief officer.

Given that the offer falls short of what we asked for, Unison’s National pay committee has decided to move straight to a ballot of all members under NJC Pay to secure a mandate for industrial action. This will require at least a 50% turnout. Ballot papers will be posted to your home address in May. Please make sure that your membership details are up to date. You can do this by

  • Logging on to my unison
  • Call- 0800 0857 857
  • Email-

You can read the full pay claim, the employers response and keep up to date with the latest on this years pay negotiations here:

NJC: Council and school pay 2023 | Campaigns | UNISON National

You can read the full pay claim here:


You can also find out who your local councillor is and contact them about our pay claim here:

Contact my councillor

Hackney Unison announces strike action to protect jobs and services- Sign their petition

Hackney UNISON members in libraries are taking strike action over the coming two weeks against severe job cuts, current risk of Compulsory Redundancies and other detrimental changes being made.

Despite the postal strikes (ironically) stopping members receiving and/or returning their ballots in time, Hackney branch are really pleased to have still achieved a fairly strong turnout and mandate.

The 4 strike dates planned so far are: Tues 10th Jan, Thurs 12th Jan, Mon 16th Jan and Fri 20th Jan


Hackney Unison have said:

“Management are rather cynically closing all libraries on the first two dates, but still expecting staff to attend “development sessions” at the Tomlinson Centre (a non-library site) which we deem to still be ‘crossing the picket line’. We’re still going ahead with pickets outside Hackney Central (8.30am-midday) and Dalston libraries (8.30-10am), and rallies with speakers outside Hackney Town Hall from midday on both days (UNISON Vice President Amerit Rait speaking on Tues, President Andrea Egan and Diane Abbot MP speaking on Thurs). I’ve attached a poster with the details which can be circulated.


We did meet with management late last week at which we put forward a number of changes to the restructure plans to potentially resolve the dispute, and will likely hold further talks next week.”


You can sign their public petition here:

Archbishops must honour Real Living Wage pledge for Chruch School Staff, Says Unison

The following communication has been received from Ealing Payroll in relation to the School Support Staff pay rises for 22/23.

The pay awards will be implemented in the December pay run (backdated to April 22).


  • Pay Award value – As Ealing apply the outer London pay spines, the award value is £2229 on each scale point (slightly higher than the national award of £1925). The award only applies to Basic Pay and London Weighting. Ealing Supplement is not included in the award and will not be uplifted as this is a local agreement.


  • Additional Holiday – From 01 April 2023, support staff will get an extra day’s annual leave entitlement. The term time only calculation will be updated at this time and TTO staff will see the increase in the Gross Pay.  There will be a 0.2 increase to the ‘weeks paid’ for TTO staff. For ‘all year round’ support staff, the additional day will be added to the annual leave balance.

Please note that employees in receipt of Universal Credit (UC) may suffer financial penalties as a result of the payment of the backpay element of the NJC pay award. 

All employees affected by this issue should firstly speak to their Universal Credit Work Coach via their online account or call the Universal Credit Helpline on 0800 328 5644 and once they have done this and if they are affected should contact the Payroll section in the HR & OD department at Ealing Council on for assistance


2022 NJC Pay Award Settled

The trade union side of the NJC Executive (Unison, Unite, GMB) met on 1st November to share the respective unions’ consultation results and agree the way forward. UNISON members and GMB members had voted to accept the 2022-23 pay offer, while Unite members had voted to reject it.

Consequently, the meeting agreed to accept the 2022-23 pay offer.

We will liaise with employers (covered by the NJC pay arrangements) to ensure the pay increase and backpay are paid as a matter of urgency. In Ealing, the pay increase and backpay will be implemented in the December 2022 Salary.

LGS Pay 01Apr22

Pay Agreement GLPC letter Nov22

The Pay consultation closed on Tuesday 20 September and we have now received the results. UNISON members have voted to accept the pay offer. Of those who voted, 63.5% voted to accept the offer and 36.5% voted to reject.

There are three recognised unions involved in the local government pay talks: UNISON, GMB and Unite. We now await the results of GMB’s and Unite’s consultations on 2022 pay, both of which will end in October.

Once all three unions have their consultation results, we will meet to agree a joint trade union position.

UNISON schools newsletter Autumn 2022

The cost of living crisis is driving Teaching Assistants into other work- Guardian Article

UNISON Commissioned Report: From Covid to the Cost of Living. The crises remaking the role of teaching assistants

Unison Consultative Ballot on Pay Offer

Unison’s National negotiators have decided to hold a consultative ballot of members on the pay offer made by employers.

This will not be a ballot about taking strike action, but on your view about whether to accept or reject the pay offer made by the employers.

To those of you who have already given your views to the Branch, thank you very much for your responses. They have all been noted. You may need to vote again even if you did respond to us before, but we will let you know as soon as we find out.

The consultative ballot is now on and ends on 19th September.

Please email your name, Place of work and Employer as well as ACCEPT or REJECT to

Ealing Unison recommends you VOTE TO REJECT the pay offer.

NJC Pay offer Details- 25th July 2022

FAO Unison Members under NJC Pay and Conditions

The employers side have made an offer to raise pay from April 2022, in response to the unions claim. This will apply to all members employed by the Council and other employers, including schools, whose wages and conditions are set by the National Joint Council (NJC).

Unison’s claim was for £2,000 on all spinal column points or the rate or Retail Price Index – currently over 11%

The offer is for:

•       An increase of £1,925 on all NJC pay points 1 and above           (This equates to £2,229 including London Weighting)

•       An increase of 4.04 per cent on all allowances

•       From 1st April 2023, An increase of one day to all                        employees’ annual leave  entitlement

•       The deletion of pay point 1 from the NJC pay spine

The increased salary payments do not reflect the Inner or Outer London Allowances, but it is understood that these will be raised commensurately with the percentage rise of your pay point.

Salary increases range from 10.5% for the lowest to 4.04% for the highest grades. You can see the proposed percentage increases for your individual pay points (SCPs) in the employers letter here:

Emps to NJC TUs pay offer 25Jul22

The employers have rejected the introduction of a school support staff retention payment scheme, as well as a one off Covid 19 recognition payment.

Ealing Unison Reaction

This is a pay cut for all members – even the lowest paid. With inflation at 11%, heating and energy costs set to rocket, and food prices rising every week, this pay offer just adds to our problems. The employers offer means that no staff will receive an inflation-equivalent pay increase

Unison members have lost 27% of their 2010 wages through pay settlements that failed to meet up with inflation. This offer, if accepted will just add to that figure.

On 31 March, the energy price cap was £1,277 per year. It is predicted to rise to £3,244. The pay offer will not even cover the increased cost of your energy bills.

Unison National negotiators will meet on Friday 28 July to respond and consider next steps. They want to know how members feel about this offer.

As a branch committee, Ealing has made our National negotiators aware that we recommend rejecting the employers offer and moving straight to an Industrial Action ballot.

Please feel free to give your reaction to the offer by emailing

Do you feel Unison should accept this offer – Reply ACCEPT


Do you feel Unison should reject the offer and move to an industrial action ballot. Reply REJECT

We will keep you updated as soon as we hear the outcome of today’s meeting with Unison national negotiators.

You can also follow the latest on twitter and our website:

EalingUnison (@EalingUnison) / Twitter

Supreme Court Judgement means all UK workers will receive the same minimum level of paid annual holiday leave- 20th July

Michael Ford QC on the Supreme Court Judgement

Read the full Supreme Court Judgement here

Listen to the Judgement here

Latest for School Members- July 2022

UNISON and Labour highlight the importance of School Support Staff

NJC pay claim 2022-2023 – 6 June 2022

Ealing Unison letter to Ealing Cabinet- NJC Pay Claim 2022

18th June TUC Rally: Together we will rise in UNISON

Ealing TUC Rally to Parliament  Portland Place, London


Benefits of being a Unison Member

From Discounts on insurance, holidays, health cover to free legal advice for you and your family, find out more about the benefits you’re entitled to as a Unison member here

Take the Unison Sick Pay Survey for a chance to win £250!

Free Legal support for Unison Members and their Families

As a member of UNISON Greater London, you and your family have access to specialist legal advice and representation from the UK’s leading trade union law firm, Thompsons Solicitors.

Over the past year, Thompsons has secured just under £5 million in compensation for UNISON Greater London members who have suffered injury or illness at or away from work.

Ensure you and your loved ones receive 100% of compensation

As a UNISON Greater London member, you and your loved ones keep 100% of any

compensation secured. You get access to Thompsons Solicitors’ specialist expertise and you won’t pay a penny in legal fees – win or lose.

Call your dedicated legal specialists for a chat about how they can help on 0800 0 857 857.


Fill out a form online Start a Claim | Thompsons Trade Union Solicitors

Here’s a reminder of your full legal package

UNISON Greater London members are covered for a wide range of legal matters, including:

· Personal injury – at or away from work, on holiday or on the roads

· Serious injury – including brain injuries and spinal cord injuries

· Industrial disease or illness – including asbestos-related diseases.


Members also have access to:

· Special funding terms for medical negligence claims

· Employment law support (accessed via your UNISON branch)

· A free, online simple wills service and reduced rates for more complex wills, conveyancing and powers of attorney

· Help defending work-related criminal allegations

· Advice on settlement agreements.


Family members get help with:

· Personal injury advice and representation for accidents and injuries away from work, on holiday or on the roads

· Reduced rates for wills, conveyancing and powers of attorney.


Ealing Unison Branch AGM- 22nd and 24th March 2022

You can view the AGM Documents and powerpoint here:

Branch Officers plus delegates 2022 2023

UNISON BRANCH AGM 2022 presentation

2022.03.UNISON_Legal Powerpoint

Dear Ealing UNISON Member

Please see below agenda for our Branch Annual General Meeting.

Ealing UNISON Annual General Meeting
22nd & 24th March 2022

Agenda   –   Please make every effort to attend one of the meetings.
Please note both meetings will be held virtually – Microsoft Teams invite will be sent upon request (via or 0208 825 7953).

The Annual meeting of the Branch will be an aggregate virtual meeting. Members are entitled to attend any one of the meetings in work time, providing establishments and services remain operational for the duration of the meeting.

The Meeting dates are as follows:

Tuesday 22nd March    10 – 12am
Or Thursday 24th March    2 – 4 pm

AGENDA (note; items may not necessarily be taken in the order listed)Introductions.

  • Minutes of 2021 AGM – Not available as meeting was not quorate no formal business was taken.
  • Branch Audited Accounts (below) – draft Branch budget for 2022 also below.
  • Branch Officer elections and delegates to conferences – Report available at meeting.
  • Branch Committee report – Verbal update.
  • Branch Reports including:Council’s ongoing and recovery of services response, Covid, Council Budget, and latest changes within the LBE.
  • NJC Pay Campaign 2022/23.
  • Reports from Branch Officers including Inequalities at work.
  • Website and branch communication.
  • Thompsons (UNISON solicitors) presentation

Mary Lancaster – Branch Secretary.
March 2022

Ukraine Public Meeting

Stop the War Protest


2021 Pay Offer Settled

Agreement has been reached on the pay award for local government services (‘Green Book’) employees, covering the period 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022. The attached circular sets out the detail.

LGS Pay 01Apr21

In accordance with London agreement the London pay spines and allowances will be uprated as follows.
• With effect from 1 April 2021, an increase of 2.75 per cent on pay point 1
• With effect from 1 April 2021, an increase of 1.75 per cent on all pay points 2 and

Ealing Payroll has indicated that it will implement the new rate plus the 11 months of back pay in the March 2022 Payroll.



UNISON Pay Calculator- Click here to try it

UNISON Pay Ballot: 1st December 2021-14th January 2022

Local government members working in councils and schools are balloting for strike action. But why? What has happened? And what’s next? Here is everything you need to know about council and school pay:

1 People working in councils and schools have been offered a 1.75% pay rise. Or 2.75% if they are on the lowest pay point.

2 Inflation is expected to average over 3% for 2021 – and RPI (rate of inflation) is currently running at 4.8%. That means that in real terms this offer is really a pay cut.

3 Over the last year, some costs have risen significantly – even higher than inflation:

petrol and oil – 17.9%;
electricity bills – 5.8%;
house prices – 8%;
rents – 6.9%;
nursery place for a child under two – 4%.
4 The value of local government pay is now 25% lower than it was in 2010. Year after year, it’s been chipped away. That means, in effect, local government workers work at least a day a week for free, compared to 2010.

5 41,202 staff working in councils and schools don’t even earn the real living wage of £9.50.

6 68% of those working in local government are women.

7 From December 1 to January 14, UNISON is balloting its local government members, asking if they are willing to go on strike to improve their pay.

8 375,000 thousand people are being balloted.

9 They work in 40,000 workplaces across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

10 This would be the first local government pay strike since 2014.

11 79% of members who voted in the first indicative ballot voted to reject the pay offer and move to ballot for strike.

Find out more on the campaign hub here

If you work in a council or school, you’ll receive an important letter and your voting papers through the post from 1 December. Keep your eyes peeled! Every member must return their vote in the free post envelope by 14 January. Your vote is vital.


Are your address details up to date? Check here

Public Sector Pay- Enough is Enough!

COP26 Unison Blog

Local services face catastrophic cuts. Watch here

Member support and services- ThereForYou, Legal services, Rep support

A view from Unison National Secretary on the NJC 1.5% Pay Offer

1.5% pay offer rejected by Unison

2021/22 Pay Campaign- Lobby your Local MP

1.5% NJC pay offer
On 14 May the NJC Employers responded to the trade unions’ pay claim, with a pay offer of 1.5%, along with completion of the outstanding work of the joint term-time only review group.

The Employers also responded to various elements of the unions’ conditions claim. They proposed exploratory discussions on a national minimum agreement on homeworking policies, a best practice national programme on mental health, and a joint review of maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption provisions.

The Employers made no offer on a homeworking allowance, working hours or annual leave. The three unions issued a press release, making clear that after a year in which local government staff showed more than ever how indispensable they are to our communities, going beyond the call of duty and risking their lives to provide services, this
offer came as a shock, and it would be surprising if it went down well with our members.

Read the joint trade union press release here

UNISON’s NJC Committee meets this week, on Friday 21 May, to decide on UNISON’s formal response as well as our next steps for the negotiations and the campaign.

Ealing Unison Secures Pay Increase for 300 staff who work under the Ealing Schools Catering Contract

Julian Bell letter to Unison LLW 05/05/2021


Fair pay for low paid workers-Read here

Workers across the public sector are losing billions as employers fail to pay a decent wage- Read article here

Click here for more details about our AGM

Latest Advice and Guidance for School Members

NJC Pay Claim 2021/2022

NJC Pay Claim 2021/22 Summary

Three local government unions ​have today (Monday)​ submitted a pay claim ​for 2021/22, which they say begin​s to redress a decade of cuts and recognise​s the key role ​played in the pandemic ​by school and council staff.

 They want to see a ‘substantial’ pay increase from this April with a wage rise of at least 10% for all council ​and school support employees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

​Under the claim, the ​pay of the lowest paid workers ​would go above £10 per hour – ​lifting them above the ​real ​living ​wage of £9.50 per hour (outside London).

UNISON, GMB and Unite​ – which between them represent 1.4 million council and school employees – say only a significant pay award can begin to tackle ten years of savage local authority cuts and pay restraint. Staff working in local government have seen up to 25% wiped from the value of their pay, the unions say.

Council employees include refuse collectors, library staff, teaching assistants and care ​employees – key workers who help communities to function, ​say the three unions.

 ​The Covid crisis has been a reminder that local authorities are vital to the communities they serve​, ​especially during ​the past hugely challenging year. Staff deserve better pay and working conditions, the unions say.

UNISON head of local government Jon Richards said: “Local government workers have kept the country going during the Covid crisis.

“Many face daily risks to do their vital work and keep communities safe. But slipping wages and job insecurity have hit morale.

“Paying staff properly and investing in the workforce would recognise those at the sharp end who’ve given everything. It ​will benefit local econom​ies and give workers a boost as they keep delivering important services into the future.”





Ealing Solidarity with Tower Hamlets Unison members on Strike

Why Are Tower Hamlets Unison on Strike?

Branch Secretary John McLoughlin explains why calling this industrial action has been necessary:

Shockingly our Labour Council are using sacking and reengagement to impose detrimental contracts that the workforce has overwhelmingly rejected.

Our Branch suspended industrial action in March to focus on supporting our community through the Covid 19 crisis,

Having been applauded as essential workers we are now being sacked by the imposition of these contracts at a time when the Council think it will be difficult for workers to resist.

We have been left with no option other than to take action.

Any solidarity will be greatly appreciated.”

In solidarity

John McLoughlin

Branch Secretary Tower Hamlets UNISON

View Tower Hamlets Unison leaflet outlining the detrimental cuts they face to their terms and conditions:

Tower Hamlets Proposals and why they are on strike

Ealing Branch Secretary Mary Lancaster says the following:

“Tower Hamlets are one of the largest London Branches within UNISON  ,  they have a large network of reps and activist,  recently they held a meeting (before lockdown) in connection with this threat of whole scale dismissal and re-engagement – and over a 1000 UNISON members attended – but still this labour council and labour elected mayor – believe they can win this battle over the terms and conditions of all staff.   They held lawful ballots to confirm the position taken at the meetings – getting significant turn outs and an agreement from members for this action.  If the employers succeed in Tower hamlets – than other boroughs and the National employers  will also look to see if they can save money by making changes to not only our local terms and conditions but also what we have within  the national agreements.”

You can join the rally virtually:

We are with you Tower Hamlets! Solidarity Forever


Unison consultation on latest pay offer- Have your say!

Latest National Unison News- Calls for a National Care Service- Unison’s 5 demands

Shielding Extended to 1st August

Covid -19 Response Fund- Financial assistance for members

Govt U-Turn on free summer school meals- 17th June

Unison learning- free online CPD, Courses, resources

Covid-19 advice for health workers- 15th June

NJC Circ Coronavirus and return to work test trace and hospital admission 12Jun2020

Plan for all primary schools in England to return before summer are dropped by govt- 9th June

Schools News- 20th May

Coronavirus Workplace checklist PDF 18th May

Health Unions publish blueprints for safe opening of NHS-15th May

There For You- Find out about how the Unison Charity can help you

Unison Gen Sec Response to PM’s Statement- 10th May

Unison Statement about PM’s Statement in Relation to Schools- 10th May

Unison Local Govt Update- Pay, Pensions, Social Work and More- 5th May

Unison Posters and Social Media Graphics

NJC Letter_Local_Gov_Testing- 1st May 2020

PPE Not Promises- Unison Advice and Petition- 29th April

NJC Pay Offer and Union Response- 28th April

TUESDAY 28th  April – Is Workers Memorial Day. Please take some time to watch this video made by Camden UNISON.  We would ask all workers to take some time at 11am tomorrow to join with UNISON and all Trade Unionists across the world to think of all those front line workers who have lost there lives not only during this crisis but while doing their job.

Unison Latest News

Govt Guidance on PPE- 12th April 2020

Job Retention Scheme Q+A

Unison Letter to Education Secretary- 31st March

Unison National Update

Visit our Schools page for the latest on School closures

Find out how to volunteer with Charities in Ealing

Or become a community reserve volunteer

And how to support and donate to Ealing Foodbank

Update on School partial opening- 20th March 2020

FAQs- 20th March 2020

View our schools page here…

Corona Virus Guidance from/NJC/UNISON/Ealing LA/Government

NJC Update- 27th March 2020

NJC Update- 23rd March 2020

LGA Guidance on School Closures

Government Guidance for Schools, Colleges and Local Authorities on Maintaining Educational Provision

Government Free School Meals Guidance

Council Leader’s statement- 18th March 2020

Government Guidance on Social Distancing and for Vulnerable People

EGFL Gatekeeping- Staff Absences – 17th March 2020

NJC Circular on Working from Home- 17th March 2020

Government Stay at Home Guidance- 16th March 2020

NJC Guidance- 6th March 2020

Unison Guidance- 10th March 2020

Ealing EGFL Gatekeeping- 6th March 2020

Government Guidance for Education Settings

If you have any employment based queries regarding Corona Virus, self-isolation or sickness absence then please contact us at or 0208 825 7999.

If you have any medical concerns or queries regarding the virus, consult the government advice on self-isolation, social distancing and vulnerable people, contact 111, your GP or a medical health professional.

Ealing Unison AGM

Ealing Unison held three aggregate meetings of our AGM earlier this month. Members had the oppotunity to view last years budget and consider the draft budget for the year ahead t0 31st December 2020.

The Branch Chair, Branch Secretary and other Convenors updated members on casework, campaigning and recruitment/retention within the Branch and there was discussion and questions about the upcoming Mayoral elections, Corona Virus, Ealing Council and members in outsourced services such as careworkers.

Some branch officer positions were filled and those vacant positions will now be considered by the branch committee.

Unfortunately the meeting was not quorate and as such no minutes will be published.

Unison backs Kier Starmer for Labour Leadership and Angela Rayner for Deputy Leadership

Read the full articles here:

Unison backs Kier Starmer

Unison backs Angela Rayner


Winter Fuel Grant 2019-20

We are delighted to be launching this year’s Winter Fuel Grant Programme next week on Monday 2 December!

The Winter Fuel Grant Programme is run by UNISON’s charity, There for You. It is a limited fund to help UNISON members who are on a low income with their heating costs over the winter.


Download an application form here


Member Benefits

Find out about what benefits you can enjoy as a Unison member



UNISON submitted a pay claim for all council and school workers, employed on NJC pay in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 24 July 2019. UNISON, GMB and Unite’s joint claim is asking the Local Government Association for:

  • A real living wage of £10 per hour for the lowest paid (NJC scp 1)
  • A 10% increase for everyone else
  • A one day increase to the minimum paid annual leave entitlement
  • A two hour reduction in the standard working week
  • A comprehensive joint national review of the workplace causes of stress and mental health



There For You

Members experiencing financial and emotional difficulties can contact our welfare charity, There for You, which provides a confidential advice and support service for members and their dependants.

Check out their website for more details

Advice for our EU Members as Brexit approaches

If you are an EU National and a Unison member, you can contact us for advice about your status in the UK after Brexit.

Click here for more details

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